Why should I invest in a personalized Wellbeing Weave™ ?

That’s a great question, we’re so glad you asked! Our offering is unique…

The wellness market is flooded with “miracle” products promising better health, weight loss, aging prevention, and much, much more. It can be overwhelming to navigate, and unclear who to trust.

That’s why we’re here.

We don’t sell supplements, procedures, or beauty products. Just our services. We believe that our clients deserve a wellbeing program that is backed by science, and that consists of clear, concise goals, using measurable data to track their progress. And we believe this is all possible without never-ending membership fees and expensive supplements.

We offer our clients a truly 360-degree, individualized wellness plan that takes into account their physical needs as well as their mental and emotional needs. To accomplish this, we draw on our knowledge of evidence-based medicine, holistic therapies, nutrition, fitness, emotional health (stress management, resilience), and personal growth, to create their unique Weave. We then provide coaching to help clients implement all of their Weave elements, making adjustments as needed.

We try hard to keep our prices reasonable and affordable – part of our mission at We Wise Well is broad impact. Our two-visit intake and assessment process with Dr. Crane is $499. The Wellbeing Weave™ program she then creates is uniquely tailored to each person, so we don’t offer set fees. Payment plans are available. See our Pricing page and our Wellbeing Weave page for more information.

What do similar programs charge?

Another great question! This is a little harder to answer, because there isn’t really another program like ours, as far as we can tell!

Our services are probably most akin to a combination of Lifestyle and Longevity Medicine plus Life Coaching and Health and Wellness coaching.

Pricing for Lifestyle and Longevity Medicine services vary a lot – from approximately $3000 for an evaluation up to $100,000 for in-depth biological testing (nope, that’s not a typo!). Life coaching packages are generally about 10-12 sessions, and usually cost between $2000 and $6000 (and up). These generally do not include individual visits with a physician, fitness, or nutrition coach. Health coaches generally cost $80-$200/hour, with packages running approximately $1200-$2400. Many health coaches charge a monthly fee (ex. $300-$500) and have a minimum time commitment (ex. 3 or 6 months). These generally do not include individual visits with a physician.

Does Dr. Crane or We Wise Well sell supplements?

No. We do not sell any products to clients, though we may recommend them as part of your individualized plan. We Wise Well does not receive any financial or other gains from recommendations we make. Dr. Crane holds this as important value of We Wise Well’s mission to offer unbiased information and services.

Dr. Crane and We Wise Well have no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships in the products or services she describes, reviews, evaluates, or recommends.

Does We Wise Well provide regular medical care?

No. In order to provide the best wellness care possible, Dr. Crane no longer practices primary care medicine. We encourage our clients to continue to see their regular doctors.