Packages and Pricing

The We Wise Well Integrative Medicine Program

  • Comprehensive whole-person evaluation with Dr. Crane, who will provide your personalized plan for optimal wellbeing and longevity
  • Covers 2 visits
  • Follow up visits thereafter are $150/hour or $75/half hour
  • No monthly fee, no commitment

(see our Integrative Medicine Program page for more information)

$300 for initial two visits

The We Wise Well Body Program

  • 2 Strength Training classes per week
  • Health history overview with Dr. Crane
  • Nutrition consultation with Kiley
  • Monthly “Cooking with Kiley” plant-based cooking class
  • 8 Week Insight Topics series, then monthly newsletter
  • Personal training sessions, both in-home and virtual, are also available for an additional fee

(see our Body Program page for more information)

$250 Joining Fee + $125/month

Combo Program

Includes all of the elements of both programs, but instead of the Health History overview in the Body Program,  you will be enrolled in the Integrative Medicine Program as well.

$450 Joining Fee + $125/month

Combo Program – Virtual Option

Same as the Combo program, but designed for those who already have a fitness program and/or do not live locally.

$450 Joining Fee + $20/month

Menopause/Perimenopause Consultation

Thorough evaluation and personalized treatment recommendations by Dr. Crane . Includes weighing risks of and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for each individual. We offer plenty of non-hormonal options for those not interested / not candidates for HRT. Includes 2 visits with Dr. Crane.

$249 for two visits