Health and Wellbeing Consults

What’s a Wellbeing Weave™? How does it work?

Great question! Our process is unique…

The Wellbeing Weave™ is both a process and a working document that creates a blueprint for all the individualized elements of your wellbeing – physical, mental, and emotional – all rolled into one.  No two Weaves are alike – each is as unique as you are.

An Overview of our Process


First, we’ll set up a 20 minute conversation to get acquainted, get a sense of what your needs are, and see if we’re a good fit.


Written intake: We’ll send you intake questionnaires, including validated measures of your wellbeing, which you can fill out and return electronically.

One-on-one intake: Then you’ll meet with Dr. Crane virtually for your60-minute intake assessment. She’ll then meet with you again for 60-90 minutes and provide her recommendations for your Wellbeing Weave™ program, which will outline the specific goals and interventions essential for you to feel better – physically, mentally, and emotionally, both now and in the future. These may include biofeedback, lab testing, fitness and nutrition interventions, emotional health goals, pharmaceuticals, and supplementation.


While there’s no obligation to continue, we’ll be ready to embark on implementing your Wellbeing Weave™ with you! We have lots of tools for this: one on one instruction with Dr. Crane and our coaches will be the framework, accompanied by didactic sessions, cooking classes, outdoor exercise meet ups, social events, biofeedback measurements, and more…all tailored to your needs.

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs page for more information on the Wellbeing Weave™.

Some background…

The reason we developed our program in this format is in response to what we see in the market…companies offering expensive testing, then handing patients long lists of recommendations on “how to optimize their health”. While these are valuable, we know from behavioral science research that change is hard, and is much more likely to happen if we have a trusted guide to help us implement the changes into our own unique life. Heck, it might even be fun!