The We Wise Well Body Program

We Wise Well Body – a lifestyle program for women!

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for women in menopause and perimenopause, and we’ve developed this program to: 

(1) Teach women how to build lean muscle Did you know there are certain techniques and strategies that make it MUCH easier to achieve this?  You’ll learn how to strength train safely and effectively, no matter what your fitness or ability level is. 

(2) Provide science-based education on female health and longevity – We know there’s a ton of information out there, and it can be hard to know who to trust and what will work best for you. Unbiased information and personalization is crucial.

We provide a safe, supportive, and FUN atmosphere of women looking to optimize their health!

The We Wise Well Body Program Membership includes:

These are your 2 classes and there will always be a spot for you, so no need to worry about signing up each week or arriving to find the class full.  We’ve chosen this model for several reasons:

  • It allows us to keep class sizes small (approx 8-10), so that everyone gets the individual instruction they need 
  • Continuity encourages members to get to know and support each other, which is a core value of We Wise Well; it also allows coaches to get to know each member and be able to anticipate their needs
  • Research shows that the more specific we are in committing to a new habit, the more likely we are to maintain it (for example, kid’s sports programs have set practice schedules that hold them accountable – not just “come when you can!”)
  • Visit our About page to check out our amazing instructors!

We want you to look forward to coming to your classes! 

Specializing in integrative medicine and women’s health in midlife, Dr. Crane will review your medical history and highlight areas to optimize your health both currently and as you age.

Exercise is a large part of optimizing health, but true gains cannot occur without optimizing dietary intake as well. 

A monthly plant-based cooking class with Kiley, focusing on ways to incorporate plant protein as well as optimize your diet for longevity.  Content will be delivered live virtually, with recipes sent out prior so you can cook along if you’d like! 

A series of eight Insight Topics by Dr. Crane, who will weigh in on the facts and fiction of popular issues related to women’s health and menopause (such as evaluating supplements, how to optimize protein intake, hormones and their effect on female workouts, and more!) ~ delivered to you weekly by email. 

Introductory Pricing – Limited Time! 

Joining Fee: (one-time): $ 250

Monthly Fee: $ 125 /month

Available class times – choose 2:

Monday at 5:30pm

Wednesday at 6pm

Thursday at 5:30pm

Saturday at 10:30am 

Saturday at 11:30am

Sunday at 12 noon

Location: 811 Brickyard Circle, Golden CO 80403 

Client Reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying:

I feel like I hit the lottery.  I’m so thankful [xx] invited me into this program.  It’s a gift to do this along side of other women and to do things I never thought I could do 🙂

Loving the all women’s class, coaching and doing weights, which I’ve never done!


How can I sign up? 

Just send us an email with your preferred class times, and we’ll send you enrollment instructions! 

Can I try a class first? 

You sure can!  Send us an email and let us know when you’d like to come! 

Can I change my class times if needed? 

Yes. When you fill out your intake paperwork, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join an email list that includes other members.. If you opt-in, you will have access to other members and can work out “switches” with them as necessary.  If you need to change your classes entirely, you can always send us an email and we’ll see if the classes you’d like to switch into have open spots. 

Do you offer discounts? 

We care about women’s health and our goal is to offer this program to as many women as possible! We’ve worked hard to make our pricing as affordable as possible. Dr. Crane volunteers her time to run the program, and our coaches go above and beyond class time to prepare and plan your workouts. As a result, we aren’t able to offer discounts to our prices at this time. 

Will the classes be primarily strength training? Or cardio too?

While different types of exercise are important to overall health and longevity, this program is designed to teach you Strength Training skills. Dr. Crane will discuss the other types of exercise that are important to incorporate as part of her Insight Topics series; some of these – such as core, balance, and plyometrics – will be incorporated into your classes as well. We may also expand our class offerings in the future. Stay tuned!  

What is your cancellation policy? 

You can cancel your membership anytime, just send us an email with 30 days’ notice.  Joining fees cannot be refunded. 

Can I put my membership on hold? 

Yes. We understand that life happens and people are busy! We do offer a one-month hold per year if you need to take a break.

What if I’d like to join but the offered times don’t work with my schedule OR the location is not convenient for me? 

Please let us know! We do offer one-on-one personal training, and will likely be adding more group classes in the near future. We’d love to know days/times that work for you. Other locations are on the horizon too!